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Change Leadership is Needed Now

23 Aug Change Leadership is Needed Now

Change Leadership is about discovering new skills that are necessary for the future of work.

Did you know that being a Change Leader requires a distinct mindset from being a ‘normal’ leader or Change Manager? Change Leadership is Needed Now! In our Change Leadership Program, Future of Work and Change Leadership expert Cheryl Cran has developed a one of a kind online change leadership training course based on her recently released book ‘The Art of Change Leadership-Driving Transformation In A Fast Paced World’ (Wiley 2015).

Change Leadership Training

In this one of a kind leadership training program, Cheryl delves deeply and explains the differences and all of the aspects which are very important to know and learn to become an extraordinary Change Leader which companies need NOW! Organizations globally have their hands on Cheryl’s book and you have the opportunity to learn Change Leadership first-hand directly from Cheryl. Being an online training program you have access to it on any device 24/7.

We also look at the values of a Change Leader because values drive how we lead. We know the Future of Work is Now so Cheryl teaches and guides you on the skills that are needed for a “future of work” Change Leader and explain how they are distinctly different from the skills leaders use today. What you will learn in this program will inspire the Millennials in your workplace and all others to step up and contribute even more.

Here is a taste of what you can expect in the Change Leadership Course:

  • The Change Cycle model & each stage that we need to learn to up our game
  • How to move your teams through the Change Cycle so they up their games
  • How to leverage the Change Cycle for greater awareness which leads to greater success
  • How to engage, inspire and motivate others to become Change Leaders; it’s teamwork
  • The ‘language’ of a Change leader. Walk the walk and talk the talk!
  • To Learn more click here

We review the multiple Intelligences including those that most have heard of such as Emotional Intelligence as well as some Intelligences you likely have never heard of such as Energetic Intelligence and Creative Intelligence. A very active program with valuable unique information that you will learn that will change the way you lead and will allow you to create a dynamic workplace of the future today!

So say ‘Yes’ to upgrading your own leadership Operating System…and click here to register now for the Change Leadership program and start the journey