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Evolutionary Leadership Training

with interactive coaching

Develop Future of Work Ready Leaders with the #1 Leadership Training Programs Online and On-Demand!


An opportunity to Receive Personal Coaching as You Go Through Each Program For Immediate on the Job Results That Are Extraordinary!

Change in all areas of business is happening at a faster pace and the idea that leadership styles and methods developed decades ago will still perform optimally today, seems to to many like very wishful thinking. Hard performance data reports that leadership improvement is one of the highest priorities organizations must pay attention to. Future of Work and Change Leadership expert Cheryl Cran has created and delivers the exclusive personal development programs in our Evolutionary Leadership Training online programs that have been designed and developed to move the learner from the foundational starting point of our ‘Everyone is a Leader’ program and progress along the journey through to ‘Evolutionary Leadership’. Our step-by-step audio and video content, including personalized case studies and downloadable tools have been specifically designed to achieve an extraordinary experience and results for each participant that can be used immediately on the job. The learning ‘sticks’ ensuring an incredible ROI.

The Evolutionary Leadership Training Online programs are based on the global research, leadership books written and programs delivered to hundreds of organizations and thousands of people throughout the world by Cheryl Cran. All of the information and tools and are proven Future of Work ready and Guaranteed to achieve extraordinary results.


Our Evolutionary Leadership Training  Is…

  • An online interactive experience the first of it’s kind, combining asynchronous video training programs by global Leadership & Future of Work expert Cheryl Cran and optional interactive personal one-on-one coaching sessions by your strategically assigned coach.


Throughout each leadership training program we provide…

  • Iconic customized strategies and tools to transform your energy, thought and emotion to create amazing results that develop extraordinary leaders.


Each Leadership Training program includes:

  • Access to the program(s) and all exclusive sundry Content for 1 full year!
  • Asynchronous videos presented by Cheryl Cran broken into 5-6 minute segments to maintain the learner’s focus, understanding and attention
  • A downloadable ‘Journey Guide’ which hi-lights major points for each Unit, used for note taking and then becomes an on-going reference guide
  • A variety of powerful tools for download and immediate use on the job
  • Online Assessments and quizzes to ensure a participant’s understanding AND…
  • With the personal coaching option, 1 hour sessions to meet virtually one-on-one with your own expert personal coach as you progress. So effective it’s a major game changer!


Our Evolutionary Leadership Training also gives you private exclusive 1 Year access to:

  • The course(s) you signed-up for so you can continue to review PLUS a library of incredible exclusive Content including global research, case studies, blogs, interviews, Infographics etc all with reference to Leadership
  • On-going webinars delivered personally by Cheryl Cran
  • Live event discounts

Gain knowledge, insights and tools from our world renowned thought leaders!

Course #1 – ‘Everyone is a Leader’– foundational Future of Work leadership training program

This is the starting point for the extraordinary programs on the Evolutionary Leadership Training journey. Whether you are an emerging leader or have years of experience, the journey starts with ‘Everyone is a Leader.’

Leadership is a journey, not a destination. The journey requires continuously building and re-honing skills that do more than show you how to guide, inspire and work with others. In this program, which is the start of the journey, the concepts of ‘Everyone is a Leader’ are explained and discussed in great detail, including time spent on the mindset required to lead from this position.


Global research is provided throughout this program confirming that:

  • Successful organizations must have a culture where it can be truly said that ‘Everyone is a Leader’ – employees stepping up without being asked
  • There will be less of a focus on ‘title’ and more of a focus on overall accountability and taking ownership and responsibility within the workplace.

‘The Future of Work is Now’ is not a concept, it is a reality and it’s time to be prepared!

This program is comprised of 11 Units each covering the new realities of leadership and how to implement them immediately.


The ‘Everyone is a Leader’ program benefits include:

  • A self-assessment to determine where you are now regarding foundational leadership skills. This personal assessment is a key component and is used as the launching pad for completing the rest of the course.
  • Key elements of leadership are discussed throughout with an ‘eye’ to the future of work teaching up to-date components for topics including; critical decision making skills, creative problem solving, influencing others, project skills and much, much more.
  • This course also provides the most up to date strategies on conflict management, collaboration and coaching skills for greater individual, team and organizational performance.
  • ‘Everyone is a Leader’ includes proven tactics for strategic planning.
  • Action Items are to be completed and there are quizzes at the end of each Unit of the course to ensure understanding and improve ‘stickiness’.
  • With the personal coaching option there are virtual meetings via Skype or similar where the coach will ensure the participant’s understanding, help guide them through any real life on the job scenarios etc.
  • The program concludes with participants completing their personal 90-Day Plan for integrating the learning into their existing role.

The Future of Work is Now, and for organizations to grow and be successful the concept of ‘Everyone is a Leader’ must be embedded in the culture.

We will walk you through the steps on how to make that happen!

Course #2- ‘Change Leadership’-The Next Steps along the journey

This is the second course in the journey towards becoming an Evolutionary Future of Work ready Leader. This course is comprised of 14 Units of truly (r)evolutionary information. The foundation of this course was based on Cheryl Cran’s best-selling book, “The Art of Change Leadership-Driving Transformation in a Fast Paced World” (Wiley 2015).


Hot topics from the book are covered such as:

  • Are you a ‘Change Manager’ or are you a ‘Change Leader’? How do you know?
  • What are the differences? How do you integrate both? We provide a personal self-assessment in the course so you know in which direction you ‘lean’ more towards and then global expert Cheryl Cran goes into detail explaining the differences, and why it is vital to know your results, understand them and how to make the changes necessary to shift to become a highly effective Change Leader.


In the ‘Change Leadership’ program, we also focus on:

  • The mindset of a Change Leader and the multitude of skills needed for a Change Leader to become prepared immediately because The Future of Work is Now!
  • A unique key tool developed by Cheryl Cran and used globally- ‘The Change Cycle’ is shared and covered in detail.
  • Cheryl teaches you the strategies on how to move yourself through the Change Cycle and how to inspire and lead others through the Change Cycle. Vital information to know and understand, that will set you ahead of your competitors!


The goal for every organization and our goal in this program is to:

  • Create a culture of ‘Change Leaders’ who are positively and proactively preparing for upcoming change rather than ‘reacting’ to change that is thrust upon organizations and their people every day often resulting in distrust and uncertainty, impeding the progress of all.
  • By the end of this program participants will have the attitude of: ‘Change?…Bring it on!’ AND
  • Have the skills to help others have the same attitude.

Imagine the possibility of all of this in your organization!


The ‘Change Leadership’ program provides:

  • Strategies on how to ‘Upgrade Your Leadership Operating System (OS)’
  • And how to build the integral skills of having ‘multiple perspectives’ for leadership and more.


There is also an emphasis on a variety of Intelligences such as:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Generational Intelligence
  • Creative Intelligence
  • Energetic Intelligence.

All key knowledge in becoming an Evolutionary Leader prepared for the Future of Work Now!


It’s new and extraordinary! The benefits will prepare your organization and your teams for unprecedented success.


Working with your personal coach you will discuss in greater depth how you can become an effective Change Leader now and you have the ability to discuss real life scenarios!

Like all of our programs there are Action Items to work on, and quizzes to complete in order to move along the journey.

The Change Leadership program concludes with a Change Process Plan and each participant will complete a 90-Day Personal Action Plan on how to implement the learnings into their job and workplace.

Course #3-Transformational Leadership’ – The Journey Continues

This is the third course on the journey to becoming an Evolutionary Leader. This program focuses on the key differentiators between a ‘Transactional Leader’ and a ‘Transformational Leader’.


The key differences that we teach include:

  • Developing a ‘coach to succeed’ mindset
  • Using ‘future focused language’ to establish a culture of ‘Transformers’


Cheryl Cran guides and teaches you the skills and benefits of the ‘Transformational Leadership’ approach  including:

  • Definitions, meanings and must know concepts
  • Real world examples from organizations of every size
  • The steps necessary to become a Transformational Leader that influences and drives transformation in the organization.


Benefits of A Leader with Transformational Skills include:

  • She/he are consistently focused on helping others to grow, learn and succeed
  • She/he spends the majority of his or her time on ‘the people’ within the team and organization as the key focus to achieve extraordinary success for them and the organization.

We provide examples of transformational leaders in organizations today and useful models that demonstrate the key evolutionary value of leaders being ‘transformational’ rather than ‘transactional’.

This is truly a unique course that you can only get through our Evolutionary Leadership Training.

Course #4 – ‘Shared Leadership’ – You Are There!

This is the fourth course in the Evolutionary Leadership journey and is about the range between traditional work environments and autocratic leadership compared to the holacracy model.

How to move and shift more towards a democratic and equalized model that allows for decisions to be made inclusively rather than always be dependent and often get bottle necked at the manager level.

The Shared Leadership approach we teach in this course is an evolutionary plan and roadmap that involves:

  • Changing the prevalent organizational leadership mindset from one where individual leaders have all of the answers and responsibility, and moving towards our concept and culture where ‘Everyone is a Leader’
  • Employees are provided with leadership skill development and complete accountability for their actions.

The Shared Leadership concept is a true ‘The Future of Work is Now’ action plan and model that leaders in all organizations must know, understand and prepare themselves and their organizations for.


Organizations who invest in our Leadership Programs will Benefit in many ways including:

  • Having employees of all generations who are motivated, inspired, who step-up, work as a team, and are truly vested in the success of themselves and their organization
  • Future of work ready with the tools to take on any challenge
  • Leaders and others who think proactively, develop solutions and know the roadmap for the organization’s future
  • Outperforming their competition
  • Be dominant in their industry and
  • Attract and retain the top talent necessary for continued extraordinary success

Course #5 – ‘Evolutionary Leadership ’ – Ultimate – By Application Only

The fifth level for the entire evolutionary series is the Evolutionary Leadership program. This program is unique and is only offered by the Evolutionary Leaders Network.

Cheryl Cran personally coaches participants through this course along with select coaches certified in evolutionary programs such as Epstein Technologies and more.

In the Evolutionary Leadership program leaders will learn that the actual ‘secret’ behind all leadership activity is energy and the mastery of a concept referred to as ‘energetic intelligence.’

Research has shown that Millenials/Gen ‘X’ and the upcoming Generation ‘Z’ are looking for ‘an energetic fit’ as the key element of whether they will work for a leader or a company long term.

The future of work requires teams of people who can ‘connect quickly and easily’ and drive results with synergy and effortless progress. This can only happen when there is learning and development that is focused purely on the energetics as it relates to all activities of leadership. Leaders who can master energetic intelligence hold the ‘keys’ to extraordinary business transformation, progress and success.

Cheryl Cran is the project director and co-creator of the corporate applications of Epstein Technologies Corporate & Business and has delivered these concepts and content to senior leaders globally with companies such as Unilever, Sony, Abbvie, Sipco, IBM and more.

This program is guaranteed to be like no other that you have experienced and is only for those that are 100% committed to the journey and the work required to get beyond where other leaders have been. As such only a select number of applicants will be chosen each year for this program. For more information about the application process and pricing for this exclusive program please contact us

The Future of Work is Now’ it’s time to make the commitment to be an organization of choice for top talent and develop your talent to lead your company to extraordinary results!


Don’t wait sign-up today or contact us at for any additional information or questions you may have.

As a result of going through the Evolutionary Leaders Network programs in the order outlined we have assured you of a progressive learning path that brings you to a heightened awareness of what is needed for Leadership Mastery.

If the coach-supported option is selected leaders are getting on the job application of what he or she is learning. According to a report by CIPD, 93% of leaders cite coaching as a key mechanism for making learning ‘stick’ for on the job performance improvement.

To help understand the skill levels of your current leadership teams, succession planning etc we can provide reports upon request that help you determine the overall ‘future readiness’ of your leaders and the continued opportunities for your team.

Satisfied clients report the following as a result of their leaders completing our leadership training program:


  • Increased leadership skill ability overall for each participant
  • Noticeable positive difference of on the job performance by employees, peers and leaders in the company resulting in improved organization results
  • Increased accountability and responsibility among those who completed the programs
  • Increased innovation and team work among those who completed the programs resulting in new ideas, new projects and improved performance
  • Extremely valuable addition to existing corporate programs with the added value of being an outside program by leadership experts that supports other learning and development activities within the company
  • The outsourced coaching was a major value add in that many leaders cannot focus purely on leadership development as part of their ongoing coaching efforts with their direct reports
  • The combination of training videos, resources and coaching provided learning that was retained and applied right away
  • Participants did not have to leave their jobs and take time to travel etc to take the programs

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