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Developing Leaders For The Future of Work Are A Few Steps Ahead


Are you stuck in the tasks and the daily challenges as a leader?

The time has never been so critical as it is now for evolutionary leadership training, however many leaders are so focused on putting out fires, staying on top of tasks and reacting to change that often they do not have the time or the ability to work on or focus on improving their leadership abilities let alone their abilities to lead change.

It’s the catch 22 where leaders know they would benefit from increased skill building but they feel conflicted in investing the time and money to being proactive and more agile with taking time away from work and the daily demands.

Research proves that for the time and money invested in leadership and team skill building the organization benefits from increased productivity, loyalty and innovation. Solutions for improving leadership skills require repetition and that repetition of learning and leadership skill building, is accomplished with our (r)evolutionary online courses developed and presented by Change Leadership and Future of Work expert Cheryl Cran. In addition we can combine it with virtual coaching that really makes the learning ‘stick’ and allows for real-time on the job scenarios.


76% of employees believe their leaders are ineffective.


81% of orgs. indicate their leaders are not effective at developing their employees.


71% of leaders are not ready to lead their orgs into the future.

3 of the Top Reasons Why Companies Struggle Developing Leaders of the Future


Not Enough Time

Every CEO and leader I talk to say the same thing that there are not enough hours in the day. There is no question that the demands on a leaders time are more than in the past. This too however is a catch 22 as long as the focus on developing leaders is not a priority it never really gets the attention needed AND the time invested in developing leaders always nets a higher yield in performance, innovation and productivity.


Not Sure of ROI

A common question about investing in ongoing leadership development and succession planning is ‘what is the return on investment’? Although it is difficult to measure the intangibles of people development it can be measured by establishing pre-development baselines and then post development improvements. The measures can be graphed as well as gathered anecdotally and tracked by the individuals participating in these Evolutionary Leaders Network  development opportunities. Typically peer reviews and customer care improvement ratings indicate growth and increased results are great ways of measuring ROI. The cost of employee training and development should not be thought of as an expense, it should be thought of as an investment.


Can’t Take Time Away From Work

Many companies run lean operations and having people away for more than a day at a time can cause stress on other team members and a backlog of work. Companies that build in leadership development as a work priority find that people will happily participate in development opportunities with a focus on learning ideas and strategies that can be implemented for job improvement right away. We understand that time away from work can be a hardship which is why we provide all of our programs digital, on demand, 24/7, 365 days a year from any device. 100% convenient for everyone!

are you and your leaders ready?

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