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Employee Engagement

improve profits and productivity

Organizations with engaged employees grow profits three times faster than other organizations


Are your employees engaged in meaningful ways?

Engaged teams are profitable teams. The more engaged your employees are the deeper the commitment, the more productive they are, the more they will step-up and the happier the overall culture. Leaders however need on-going leadership training so they know how to be hand’s on coaches, how to lead the Generations, how to build effective teams etc. Times have changed and the Future of Work is Now! In Cheryl Cran’s book, “101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work” she provides a look at all of the components that make up employee happiness which translates directly into employee engagement. A free copy of the book and it’s contents are shared in the our ‘Everyone is a Leader’ course.

Companies such as Google, Zappos, and Facebook have built their success on creating happy places to work. Fun is a factor for engaged workers; an element of fun at work creates a relaxed and collaborative environment. Flexibility is a factor; companies that have flexible work options enjoy higher engagement levels. Leadership likeability and respect are huge factors – are your leaders approachable, friendly and willing to share what they know and help people grow? Do they know how to develop people? In a recent study 81% of organizations indicated that their leaders are not at all or only somewhat effective at developing their employees! We teach them the importance in our programs AND show them what they need to do.

Solutions to increasing employee engagement include multiple communication tools such as face to face, Skype, using the company Intranet, Social Media, Fun factor, likeable leaders, flexible HR policies and more. Training on generational teamwork, reverse mentoring, and knowledge sharing all contribute to higher employee engagement and are covered in detail in our (r)evolutionary leadership training programs.


69% of employees are either not engaged or are actively disengaged.


As many as 80% of people leave jobs because of relationship issues.


87% of staff turnover is preventable by increasing employee engagement.

Three Avoidable Reasons Why Employees Aren’t Happy At Work


Lack of Inspirational Leadership Coaching

Leaders are both born AND made. Some leaders have an innate ability to inspire and to coach their people to high performance. Other leaders have to learn the art of inspiring performance. The leaders of the future today do not ‘teach’ they coach!

A coach approach focuses on the strengths of an individual while holding a compelling vision for the future that people want to follow. Employees cite that it is an inspiring leader that is a major factor in being engaged at work. Learn the skills of being an inspirational leader in the Evolutionary Leadership Network programs.


Lack of Knowledge Transfer/Sharing

One of Gen Y’s biggest frustrations is that they know they are not likely to stay on a job for ten years in order to get a promotion. In fact Gen Y’s want learning and growth at a faster rate – they want to know what you know and they want to know it now. This attitude can cause Gen X and Zoomers some frustration however its important to know that knowledge sharing is a key engagement strategy. There might be a fear that if you teach someone everything you know you won’t have a job. The opposite is true, if you teach someone everything you know then you have to continue to grow AND you increase your opportunities. Cross-departmental knowledge sharing is a competitive strategy. Organizations must prepare for the new generation of leaders that will be leading organizations into the future. The Future of Work is Now! With the Evolutionary Leaders Network your leaders will be ‘Evolutionary Leaders’ prepared more than ever to lead your organization to extraordinary success.


Lack of Meaningful Work

Many leaders think money is the motivator. Not so. What people want the most at work is to feel as if what they do makes a difference. They want to contribute, they want to share their gifts and they want to feel as if they are a part of something bigger than themselves. The exciting thing about the future of work is that robotics is quickly taking over repetitive tasks that used to be done by people AND this means that the work that people do gets to be more meaningful. Companies who focus on making the work meaningful have higher levels of employee engagement and happiness. For organizations to grow and even survive they must be considered a workplace of choice to attract and retain top talent. By 2020 it is reported that there will be a global shortage of 38 million skilled workers so organizations must prepare their leaders today for the realities upon us now! Have them register for the extraordinary Evolutionary Leaders Network with the personal coaching option and get a jump on the competition!

are you and your leaders ready?

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