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12 Apr Coaching is the Key to Successful Leadership Training

Training, especially leadership training has been confirmed by global surveys to be a very high priority for organizations. To-When accompanied with coaching, leadership training develops employees into leaders who are very crucial contributors to an organization’s success are not receiving the knowledge they need to be Future of Work ready. Moreover, when upward of 500 executives were asked to rank their top three human-capital priorities, leadership training was included as both a current and a future priority. Almost two-thirds of the respondents identified leadership training as their number-one concern.

Training Affects Many Procedures

Included in all of the rapid changes that affect many procedures in the workplace training is one of them. It has been common practice for organizations to fulfill training requirements by sending employees out of the office for a period of time to take a course with a room full of people from various other companies and industries. The results of this training format are commonly average at best as the content being taught is standardized and blended to satisfy the norm. End result; status quo and not a good ROI.

With the changing workplace also comes the reality of the changing needs of those being trained. The fact is employees who want to make a difference don’t simply want to be trained, they want to be developed while learning the new skills they are being taught.

Coaching Improves Leadership Training

This is one of the primary reasons we provide coaching with our leadership training programs. As the participant is learning the new skills they are also being developed by the coach we provide. Our format with coaching is collaborative and includes challenging the status quo, focusing on transformation, the future, growth, innovation, maximizing potential, inclusion of real life scenarios and many more.

Can you imagine a sports team trying to develop their players without a coach?

Just as a coach would view an athlete’s muscle pain as a proper response to training, we feel that with coaching leaders who are stretching themselves should also feel some discomfort as they struggle to reach new levels of leadership performance.

Organizations that focus on ‘developing’ their employees with a coach will have employees that are more innovative, inspired and able to handle the challenges. The time is now.