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The Future of Work is Now – “Everyone is a Leader”

08 Aug The Future of Work is Now – “Everyone is a Leader”

Future of Work

The Future of Work is Now and it’s a must that each us at work and in our daily lives take personal responsibility to work together to help be part of the change we want to see. So when the Evolutionary Leaders Network leadership training portal was created to train and develop people to become extraordinary leaders, we knew the beginning of the journey was to teach, guide and explain that Everyone is a Leader. This is the starting point of the entire journey that affects and is applicable to all of us not just ‘titled leaders.’

‘Everyone is a Leader’ is not a cliché; individually it’s a change of mindset we must adapt to, and in an organization it is the culture they must have to continue to be successful and be ready for the future of work now. 48% of the Millennial Generation, those that will lead us into the future, conduct job searches while on their current job. Why? Because research has shown that 68% of employees feel their company doesn’t have a culture in which employees have a sense of purpose and a meaningful impact.

Everyone is a Leader is about each of us working together to make a difference. Whether it be performing better at work, improving relationships with our spouse, our children and/or our community.  It’s for organizations who want their employees to act more like owners and have the meaningful impact they desire. Everyone is a Leader is about learning, knowing and understanding that each of us are leaders and each of us have the power to initiate and create change that improves our lives, our organizations and our communities.

Everyone is a Leader is looking at ourselves as solution providers and culture creators where each of us is inspired to take personal responsibility to make a difference and not just look to others who are titled ‘Leaders’ in our organizations or our communities to make all of the decisions and take the actions.

The Future of Work is Now and organizations that are ready to prepare for the future of work, understand the value of keeping their top talent, attracting the best of the millennial generation and experiencing success like never before must align their culture with ‘Everyone is a Leader’ and will put their employees through this program now! individuals ready to learn how they can perform better at work, have better relationships personally and professionally and take the next big step forward will also register today!

Start your journey today with our Everyone is a Leader program.