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09 Nov Leadership Training Is Not Created Equal!

CEO’s understand the importance of excellent leadership at all levels of their organization is a key element to business success and in retaining top talent, however, many may not have the awareness that all leadership training is not
created equal.

The Leadership team in an organization essentially manage all of the employees including;

  • their skill level, through providing on-going training
  • the contributions they can make by continuing to up-level their skilYour organization needs to focus on leadership training to be future of work
  • the motivation the employees have to want to step-up and take on challenges without having to be asked

These are all crucial aspects, however, many leaders admit they either haven’t had any formal leadership training themselves and/or don’t have the skills required to train and develop those they lead.

In addition to many other qualities Leaders today must be:

  • progressive
  • creative
  • aware of the value of everyone on their team(s) including their strengths and weaknesses
  • be dedicated to continuing their own leadership training on the journey to leadership mastery


What Needs to Happen in leadership training?

(r)evolutionary leadership training must be an on-going priority for every organization, again keeping in mind that leadership training is not created equal.

Much of the leadership training content available in the market today has been taught for years and in many cases still being taught and has not been updated to be in alignment with the new, fast-paced, digital, multi-generational time we are in.

For example, the Millennial Generation who are our next leaders.

  • 63% of Millennials believe their leadership skills are not being fully developed
  • 66% of Millennials already have one foot out the door and are expected to leave their current organization by 2020 (Deloitte 2016 Survey of Millennials)

That will be a very real issue for organizations who don’t provide their leaders and aspiring leaders of all Generations (r)evolutionary leadership training that includes knowing how to lead the various Generations. At the Evolutionary Leaders Network, we teach this in-depth.

The Future of Work and Leadership Training

Cheryl Cran, Future of Work and Change Leadership expert, has been dedicated to helping leaders and their organizations for over 20 years. She has done global research and talked to thousands of employees at all levels to confirm what the needs are and, as a result, Cheryl Cran has developed the most up-to-date and (r)evolutionary leadership training programs only available from the Evolutionary Leaders Network.

When people complete our on-line leadership training, the content taught in each of our leadership training programs is so (r)evolutionary the new skills participants will use to:

  • contribute to developing a powerful, highly progressive organization
  • outperform the competition
  • develop teams of highly motivated, dedicated employees who want to step-up and do what needs to be done
  • make their organizations ‘a great place to work’ attracting and retaining top talent
  • and much more


The Evolutionary Leaders Network provides coaching support

We provide one-on-one or team coaching support for participants taking a program to make the content ‘stick’ and allows participants to discuss the content and immediately apply it directly to real life on the job scenarios. The reviews are outstanding and the ROI is beyond amazing.

When looking for leadership training remember, Leadership Training is Not Created Equal!

Be an organization dedicated to developing (r)evolutionary leaders. Be a leader or aspiring leader who wants to move towards leadership mastery. Take action now! Start by signing up for our FREE ‘5 Days-5 Strategies’ and get a taste of what’s in store when you sign-up for our leadership training programs.

Contact us at to discover how we can help you and your organization prepare for the Future of Work Now and achieve the unprecedented results you deserve.