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for the fast pace of change

The Speed of Change is Going to Get Faster


Are your leadership skills and strategies staying ahead of the speed of change? Are your leaders ready to drive transformation and innovation in a fast paced workplace? 

The pace of competition is speeding up and the competitive advantage right now and for the future is having leaders and employees who are quickly adaptable when faced with change and embrace change as exciting opportunities. Leaders who ‘lead change’ rather than react to forced change will lead the teams and organization in the direction it needs to go; being amazing growth and competitive advantage.

As outlined in our programs the solutions to deal with the ongoing and rapid pace of change and understanding how to prepare for change include strategy assessment, change leadership training for leaders and teams, interactive workshops on the change cycle and how to identify where the company is on the cycle and where each leader is on the cycle.

The only way to prepare for change and be agile and nimble in these times of fast paced change is to ‘upgrade the leadership OS’ (operating system) and create a company culture of change champions who excitedly and strategically drive transformation. Cheryl Cran developed the courses and she is an expert in change leadership and these programs are guaranteed to provide outstanding results.


70% of change initiatives in businesses fail.


Up to 22% of any given group is made up of strong resistors.


3 of the top 7 priorities identified by CEOs deal with change.

are you and your leaders ready to prepare for change?

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