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We recently had Cheryl Cran as a keynote speaker as part of our Leadership Essentials Program. Cheryl’s delivery of “The Future of Work Requires Change Agility” was a great fit for this audience and for our organization. I can happily recommend Cheryl Cran for your event or webinars!

Vice President, Employee and Leadership Learning | Ceridian

I recently completed the “Everyone is a Leader” course and had nothing but great experiences with it.  The lessons taught from Cheryl were very eye-opening and insightful and will benefit me both personally and professionally.   The one-on-one coaching calls were excellent!  It was amazing being able to talk with Cheryl and it allowed the program to take on a much more personal approach; it didn’t feel like just another ‘generic’ course.  I’m thankful to Cheryl for helping me evolve and teaching me these valuable lessons that I use already today and will continue to use in the future.

Mike Kaiser | OmniTel Communications

I thought the program was a great eye opener on how everyone can be a leader! It brought great focus and attention to the positive things that can be done to make it a better opportunity for everyone!

Ryan Flugge | OmniTel Communications

I found this to be a great program for individuals at any level of an organization, not limited to those in a traditional leadership position. I believe having a personal coach was the best part of the program, in my experience, as it helped reaffirm the course material and the questions they asked really made me think about how I could become a better leader.

Brandon Wilkins | OmniTel Communications

I recently completed the “Everyone is a Leader” course and had a real eye opener about myself and my co-workers on how I see myself and how I interact with the company. I learned a lot about how to deal with different types of people and how to handle different problems that may come up. I would recommend this course be taken by all employees. Thank you very much for coaching throughout the lessons it has helped me personally and with my job.

Rick P. | OmniTel Communications

The best leadership training I’ve experienced and I only completed the first course!


Working with a coach is so unique and has been extremely valuable for me.


The information provided and the way it’s presented is amazing!


Easy to follow, great information, I have really learned a lot!


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