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How ELT online leadership training will benefit you

Future of Work Leadership skill development

Why it’s so important:

  • Leadership training from the past does not prepare leaders for the future of work
  • The various generations in your workplace require leaders who can inspire them and this requires new leadership skills
  • Leadership programs must be (r)evolutionary that meet the demands of preparing leaders for the fast paced, multi-generational technological workplace of today
  • Uninspired workers will leave which is very costly

Our Benefits and Solutions:

  • All of our leadership programs are (r)evolutionary, proven to work in all industries and meet the needs of organizations globally now
  • Our coaches are experts in their field and coaching solutions ensure your leaders are prepared and not just going through the motions of learning
  • To remain on the leading edge we provide ongoing easily accessible up to-date research, tools including information from our selected panel of leadership experts

online leadership training – Virtual coaches

Your challenges include:

  • Having specific leadership skill development that translates to on the job performance improvement for your leaders and teams immediately
  • Finding online learning that provides situational application and ‘stickiness’ for the best ROI
  • Being able to measure the effectiveness of an online program
  • e-Learning that holds the learner accountable to ‘on the job’ application
  • Finding training and coaching that inspires and prepares leaders and teams for the future of work now

Our Benefits and Solutions:

  • Our online programs are available in self directed formats with built in application and accountability tools OR we offer coach support to all of our programs
  • Our coach supported learning provides a link between the course content and on the job scenarios for direct application of content to job
  • Our team of coaches are experts in the areas of HR, recruitment, leadership, change leadership, and evolutionary leadership

Future of Work Leadership Talent Assessment

Your challenges include:

  • Identifying the levels and range of leadership skills of your leadership teams
  • Knowing the future of work readiness of your leaders and teams
  • Finding top talent and attracting top talent to a workplace that is ‘future ready’
  • Implementing the changes needed to move the business and organization forward to unprecedented success

Our Benefits and Solutions:

  • Our assessments combined with reports from our expert coaches in the coach supported programs will provide you with valuable insights and usable information to help you plan your talent needs for now and in the future.

Built-In Course Assessments

Your challenges include:

  • Knowing your own future of work leadership skill level
  • Knowing the future of work skill level of your leadership team
  • Identifying leadership potential within your organization
  • Succession planning for your leadership team

Our Benefits and Solutions:

  • Our assessments combined with individual coaching help identify leadership ‘stand outs’ on a team and those that require additional learning and development
  • We identify areas each leader for leaders to develop to become an future of work ready leader

Future of Work Group programs

Your challenges:

  • You want to have future of work learning programs that include self study options, coach supported options AND group learning options
  • You want a portal where your leaders can gain access from well known experts in the various components of future of work leadership

Our Benefits and Solutions:

  • In addition and to add value to the online learning and coach supported learning we provide on-going research, interviews with thought leaders, monthly webinars on relevant and timely topics that support the course content, leadership retreats and more.

are you and your leaders ready for the future of work?

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