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leadership training for leaders

from emerging to c-suite

You know that change in all areas of business is happening at a faster pace and the idea that leadership styles and methods that were developed decades ago still performing optimally today is just wishful thinking. You are aware that there are hard facts and evidence supporting that it’s more and more difficult to attract and retain top talent. You understand that leadership improvement is one of the highest priorities that organizations must pay attention to, in fact 71% of leaders are not ready to lead their organizations into the future… AND you know that the multi-generational workplaces today and the new generation of leaders require leadership training even with a coach,  that is cutting edge and can be taken online, 24/7 on any device, versus time away from the office.

At Evolutionary Leadership Training we are experts in what we do.  All of our leadership training programs have been developed and are delivered by Future of Work and Change Leadership expert Cheryl Cran. Cheryl provides the most iconic leadership training for leaders at all levels of the organization including C-suite. Our leadership training updates the leaders’ ‘Operating System’ with the new realities of today, our programs don’t simply train leaders we create Evolutionary Leaders prepared for the Future of Work Now! Evolutionary Leaders are the Change Makers and Change Leaders at every level of the organization. They understand that the Future of Work is Now and new (r) evolutionary skills are needed to influence and inspire others to step up and help lead change to create unprecedented success for the employees and the organization.

Our philosophy is that Everyone is a Leader AND everyone can evolve to be an evolutionary leader. 

An evolutionary leader understands that The Future of Work is Now, which includes multi-generational work places and a faster pace and as such wants to expand his or her knowledge and effectiveness beyond where he or she is now.

An evolutionary leader is devoted to leading beyond the norm and seeks continual, consistent and challenging personal growth, believes that Everyone is a Leader and the future of work leadership is shared by all within the organization. In our programs Cheryl Cran takes you on a journey of continually and radically self-assessing, how to be agile and adapt to multiple factors such as increasing technological innovation, fast pace of change, diverse personalities, cultures and multiple generations within the workplace.

An evolutionary leader leads change and inspires others to step-up and be change leaders too.  

The goal of an evolutionary leader is to ‘drive transformation’ in every aspect of the business – he or she is focused purely on creating positive change and creating a legacy that extraordinarily impacts people, the organization and the industry.

Course Descriptions

Online Training for Leaders – For Corporate Groups of Leaders

Your challenges:

  • Your leadership team needs to be future of work ready- NOW!
  • Finding online training for leaders programs that are timely, relevant, leading edge
  • Having your leaders learning the same new skills and applying them consistently across the company
  • You are in a war for talent and may struggle to retain top talent
  • You are seeking alignment among all leaders and to bridge the silos within the company to lead change and transformation

Our solutions:

  • Cheryl Cran, Future of Work and Leadership expert designed and delivers our online training for leaders programs that provide iconic skill development for leaders to be ready for the future of work – NOW!
  • Leaders will get one on one or group coaching to put what they learn into practice on the job
  • We can work with your entire leadership team in-group sessions to support the one-on-one online training for leaders programs
  • We will help you create a culture that inspires your people to stay and contribute and attracts new talent

Online Training for Leaders – For C-Suite Executives

Your challenges:

  • Building an executive team that is aligned focused on future and able to bridge the best of the past with present and future strategy
  • Expanding your own skills as an executive that helps you to be more flexible, innovative, agile and able to lead a future of work vision
  • Gaining competitive advantage by working with an executive team with a wide range of leadership ability that attracts and retains top performing talent
  • No time to leave the office to attend training programs

Our solutions:

  • Our online courses and coach supported option provides C-level executives with leading edge content that helps you with ‘future of work’ readiness
  • Our range of courses has the latest research, developed programs and tools for success to help you in your performance goals
  • Our programs are perfectly set up so that you and your entire executive team can participate in the learning all at the same time and leverage the learning to build future strategies and improve processes for your business

Online Training for Leaders – For Current and Emerging Leaders

Your challenges:

  • You want opportunities to stand out from the crowd and be well positioned for future advancement and leadership opportunities
  • To find training online that is unique, relevant and ‘sticky’ that you can apply to your job instantly for greater success in your role
  • The workplace has changed drastically and with multi-generations new leadership skills are required to be successful
  • You are currently in a leadership position and you know you require new skills to be future of work ready

Our solutions:

  • Our range of online, 24/7 evolutionary future of work leadership courses position you for your successful on-going leadership journey
  • We include leading edge tools, assessments, research , case studies and more for immediate on the job application
  • The unique opportunity to work one on one with a leadership coach who will be your guide and help you to apply the content at work

it’s time to be ready for the future of work NOW!

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